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Our team, vision and experience

Welcome to our unique company. The Lord has helped us this far and we want your ministry to also benefit from what God has given us.

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Introducció al Grup

Gran Comisión Media is the brand name dedicated to language services for ministries in the Spanish-speaking world of Accent Network, LLC. In the English-speaking world, we serve the Kingdom of God through WorldMission.Media.
Since 1999, most of the work we have done has been for large companies in the United States. The level of professionalism they require is meticulous and at lightning speed. This has trained us to always be at the forefront of our industry in quality and latest technologies.
Other translation agencies and professional voice-over studios have come to us to service their clients and this indirect work has always required us to work at the most competitive prices.
This puts us in a unique position to be able to help ministries like yours communicate with your local and international mission field with the same quality that Microsoft, VISA, Google or many others have received, but at rates that your ministry can afford.
In addition, we are now offering the most advanced artificial intelligence neural technology in fields such as speech recognition and synthesis, translation, etc. so we can offer even more affordable prices at a speed never seen before.
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World Mission Media
Gran Comisión Media
Decades of experience

Founding Team

Bringing value to God’s Kingdom and the language industry for over 20 years.

Daniel Samper
Daniel Samper
Daniel began his professional career with languages in Chicago courtrooms and hospitals while studying for his degree in Pastoral Studies at Moody Bible Institute. In Daniel founded our parent company, Accent Network, LLC. in 1999 and has participated in church planting in Chicago and Barcelona. He and his wife, Elena, lead a ministry to help churches in Spain become more effective and efficient in extending the Kingdom of God.
Luis Caicedo
Luis Caicedo
In Luis began his career directing the train traffic system of Catalonia for RENFE. Later, he studied at ESADE Business School for his Master in Business Administration and worked on business restructuring projects where his experience gave new opportunities to thrive in the market. Luis joined Accent Network in 2003 and co-founded bEcosystems with Daniel in 2010.

Some of the companies for whom we have been working directly or indirectly for more than 20 years.

These are some of the companies for which we have been working directly or indirectly for more than 20 years.

Meet part of our network of international collaborators

With this fun series of videos, in Tres Palabras, some of our collaborators and internal team tell us what is special to them from their countries of origin.